Fabrizio Faniello

Show Me Now

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Let me know why you're confused
If it's not too late, don't treat me like no other.
All I've done is begged you to stay
There's more of a chance that we will always be apart.

There's only you in my life
So we've got to make it right
All I need is love and affection
And someone who could be mine

Show me now what you're thinking about me
I really want to know all that goes on inside you
Cause whenever I need your attention
you whisper someone's name
And the joy turns to pain.

Show me now why my world isn't changing
you're standing in the way all the time you're pretending
make believe all the crying is over, you're driving me insane
think it over again, show me now.

Don't you turn your back on me
How can I explain thesse words are coming from the heart
Let us remember the days when you were closer to me
come on baby there is no other
you can't keep saying we're through

show me now ...

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