Danger Danger

Sick Little Twisted Mind

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Call it an animal attraction
Some people call it a disease
A psychological reaction
That slowly brings you to your knees
You're not the first one, not even close to the last - oh no
It's somethin' in me, somethin' in you that keeps on bringin' us back

You got a sick little twisted mind
And you make no apologies
You got a sick little twisted mind
And i'm just like you, yeah, you're just like me

You're quick to recognize my weakness
You let me prey upon your fears
Is there an end to this perversion
Where do we draw the line, it's getting so unclear
We got nothin' in common, and we don't even care, oh no
I can't hold on, but i wont let go
You give me the noose but i'm already in the chair

"forgive me father, for i have sinned, she whispers
As i drive the nail in

Autor(es): Bruno Ravel

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