Side By Side

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I could smell it in the engine
Didn't know where you were waiting
It was question after question
On the run when we eighteen

Said that you had had enough
Run out of money we had run out of love
I was scaring myself in the dark
Cause I could never I could never
I could never I could never wake up

It was like a dream
You drove me to the woods
Watched me fall asleep
Like you said you would
And on our wedding night
We line up side by side
You go left and I go right

The game was over when we started
We just watched it fall apart
I was sick of the complaining
Knew your story off by heart

We were living in the desert
And I was struggling by the minute
Burnt our skin before the sunset
You would never, you would never
You would never, never let me forget it

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