Delbert McClinton

Sidewalk Diploma

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Well there's sidewalks and cement
and it's concrete evidence
that a country boy ain't got no
business livin' in the city.

When there's holes in your walking shoes
they're just dues that you pay
to get yourself an education
the big city way.

And when you've learned enough
you know that livin' on the street
will make your heart as hard as
the sidewalk under you feet.

I wonder how long I'll last?
just driftin' this way.
I wonder if I'll ever find home
I can't help thinkin' that break I need
is just around the corner,
But there don't seem to be much call for a
man with a sidewalk diploma

Well, there's high rent and low rent
and there's not much in between
for a drifin' drugstore cowboy
can't keep his body clean
and you know I could sure use something
soft and warm
like a sweet woman waiting for me
down on the farm.

Autor(es): Glen Clark

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