Frozen Mist

Silent Quintessence

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Mystic forces blow in the night air
Sweeping down thru the fields of sorrow.
Filling the darkest caverns of my mind
With tainted dreams & endless fascinations of what could have been.

Isolated and haunted by these fears...
Darkness, come and take my soul...
And many days and nights I've spent alone
Feeling empty inside and separate from this world we know.

Faded memories were forced into my flesh...
A perfect reality of a life bereft...
Now in this bleak world, I dwell below the earth
And beyond the veil of death.

Never to be free from their cold and deranged grasp
No grey haven beyond the ever flowing seas of hate.
They pull me under as I try to fight, just say goodbye
Falling forever into this void, remember, there's no escape.

The twisted maze of my own desecrated mind
Forever closing me within these evergray walls.

Tortured by the ever present ghosts of my past
As they creep into my eyes, I will never see the light.

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