Silver Angel

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Silver Angel

The silver angel shook her wings
And flew away from hell
Guitar stroke strings
Played farewell
A golden drop fell into tears
A glimpse of heaven in devil´s heart
Inner drums, fears
Beating fast, art

A spark in autumn wood
Fire on the whole holy hill
Passion mood
Ego to kill

It was said at last
Songs growing fast
Red blaze, green farm, light
Far gaze, fight
There´s a reason, it´s a trial
Devil´s heart denial

Who in hell is the angel
Who in heaven is the devil
Where on Earth are hell and heaven?

Bones and stones,
brain and pain
Reverse the universe
Rewind the mind
For it´s all inside

Where on Earth
are heaven and hell?
Why should she ever bid farewell?
Rewind the mind
For it´s all inside

Remember your oath
I won´t forget mine
Break your oath
And I´ll keep mine
Oh Lord, I need sunshine
I´ll keep mine

He´s in the moon side
(He´s in the moon)
I need sunshine
(I need sun)
I´ll keep mine
Oh Lord, help him break his
keep him fine, keep him fine
Oh Lord, mmm, mmm, mmm
With your help
I´ll keep mine

Autor(es): Maria Luísa Galvão

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