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Simple Life

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she's got me reeling at her strange command
she's bitten off another sailors hand
found her lip when she was taking her bow
must have fixed it in a drink somehow
she speaks good english in the morning
and venusese by afternoon
all my change run over by the night before
i said i like the simple life

come on and shake your funky ass at me
i won't be leaning on your charity
betty said you was high class
i try to touch you but you're made of glass
don't you get nervous in the evening
when the lines just as good as dead
all my luck run over by the night before
i say i like the simple life

i'm just a shadow of my future self
out on a temporary loan to hell
i got to make it on the number 9
i got a little space to sell as time
she makes a pindoll in the kitchen
and sends me chills down the credit line
all the lights cut out about an hour in
i said i like the simple life

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