Lúcia Moniz

Simple Test

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Lie down next to me
Lie down and don't you fall asleep
Lie down and let your body rest
Lie down and pass this simple test

Tell me how you feel
Tell me your thoughts on you and me
Tell me your thoughts and keep it real
Answer it a, b, c or d

Don't lie to me (nothing but the truth)
Don't play with me (nothing but the truth)
You'll shatter me
Get down on your knees
How do you plead
Remember me
As you go to hell

You knew it all along
You knew that this was wrong
You had a plan you used me from the start
You knew this day would come

Who should I believe
I'm so naive
When I'm with you
I'm such a fool
In love it's true
I went and gave myself to you

Time for you to go
I'll wave goodbye (I will not cry)
I'll wave goodbye
Leave me with me
I'll be alright

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