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I've got some quarters in my pocket
They're about to burn a hole
They're gonna match the one in my shoe sole
I'm goin' out to Sims, they've got a sale on second hand
And buy up every pair of shoes I can

Hop a truck, drive a train
Ain't nothin' gonna stop us when we cruise down Main
Hang our feet out the window and then
Everybody will know that we've been to Sims
Everybody will know that we've been to Sims

Well Sissy bought a skirt
It was velvet blue
Cost her fifty cents but it fit brand new
You can buy anything from clothes to nails
Lord you know how we love a sale

(Repeat Chorus)

Well I'll meet ya downtown
At Taylor's Hot Dog Stand
Tell Ruthie to bring her daddy's big sedan
We'll sit on the hood we can't help but grin
Oh watch out boys, we've been to Sims

(Repeat Chorus)

Autor(es): Carter Robertson

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