From Our Hands


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All my dreams have gone away
I'm finding way out of this place
Finding reason, some might say
There's no heaven for human
One step closer to the fade away
Who will save us from this misery
We can choose the death or glory
Find the way out, the way out

All you faithful sinners
Raise your hands against the sky
For one last time
And all you blind believers
Praise the lord to save yourselves
For crimes you've done
And I don't understand why

Keep your eyes closed till the end
I will guide you my sweet innocent
I'll keep the promise just keep the faith
Follow my lead and you will see the daylight
My eyes are able to see anyway
My ears will help us in the night and day
My hands so strong
My thoughts so wrong
I can't stand my addiction to an oxygen

All your filthy killers
Raise your hands against the sky
For one last time
All the lonely mothers
Left by child and fathers
Think what you have done
But you don't understand why

But you don't understand why