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[Verse 1]
Ooh, I love the way ya
Work ya body, body
Hot like ???
When I'm out to party
Come here, shorty
Come here show me
Damn, I can't wait to see
What you got for me
You know I gotta
Stay beside ya
Never tired, can't keep quiet
Can't deny it, it's like a riot
When I'm with you
Everything catches fire

You're my escape from the rain
Let's embrace
You're my grace
You're my fate
Can't let you get away
Darling, you're my escape from the pain
Let's embrace
You're my faith
You're my praise
Can't let you get away

Ooh, hot like California
Maybe like down in Florida
Baby, I don't plan on borin' ya
I promise ya, promise ya
Hot like down in New Orleans
Maybe like up in the islands
Me and you, we set off sirens
Sirens, sirens

[Verse 2]
Boy, you got me on a
Higher ground, but, boy
Don't get me started
So whole-hearted
Higly regaurded
Can't be modest
Left the dark to turn to ya ???
So abolished
Loves a challenge
You keep me balanced
Since you see me smilin'
There's no silence
We're always wildin'
When I needed it
It's your number I'll be dialin'


I'm over top of you
Like an umbrella
Come, baby, get with this young fella
Like the wind just blowin' on ya hot propeller
Is that your girl lookin' hurt?
I think she gettin' jealous
Hey, baby, we be like two mocking birds
Me and you exchanging nasty words
Come here, shorty, let's see how nasty works
Body to body, soul to soul, let's emerge
Come on



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