Sitting and Watching (Fly Away)

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Sitting and Watching the whole world go by,
If I were a bird don't you know that I would fly

Fly away, fly away,
fly away home to Mount Zion. (Heb 12:22)

I've got to open up my wings and fly, well Jesus Christ
He lifts me higher than high. (Isa. 40:31)

I've got to open up my wings and fly,
Well don't you know I want to fly in the sky

Holy Mount Zion were the air is fresh and clean,
Come take a dip from a cool flowing mountain stream,
Sun so high in the sky there aint no need to even question why Because
I know Jah created us all.
And if I were a bird, if I were a bird
I would just take my little wings and open them up,
Climb up to the tree top,
Jump off and fly away home.

Chorus repeat and fade.

Autor(es): Jaibo Culture