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Last night you acted like a monkey
You were not too polite
you got really spunky
but nobody wanted to fight

then you bored us with your stories
that we all already knew
You spitted in our faces
your tongue was very slow

we were all impressed of your success
and of the people you know
your stories really made us laugh
you made the big show

(Chorus 2x):
Don't drink too much if you can't take it
tomorrow surely you'll repent it
when you're pissed you always tell the same
tomorrow you will feel ashamed

you even wanted to drive home
but you didn't come too far
near the observation dome
you crashed into a police car

you made a wrong decision
the police girl was so well shaped
you ended up in prison
and now it's you who's getting raped

I hope you move directly
from prison down to hell
because if they ever let you out
you'll have new stories to tell