Peter Hammill


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There's a shiver down the spine
of the body map...
How come everything gets so physical?
With your finger on the pulse and
your head in the clouds
Everything's so tactile
In your private world,
In your little world.
Under the skin you search for paradise
Under the skin some kind of parasite
remains concealed
Under the skin a true identity, a memory
will soon be revealed... under the skin.

Hit that button, no time to lose -
Everything's so immediate,
You'd have it all right now
If you get to choose
In your private world,
Such a tiny world

Is something out to get you under the skin?
Full of the promise of paradise?
Paradise now?

Everything gets so physical,
Everything's so immediate
In your private world,
Such a tiny world

Does something get to you
under the skin?

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