Skip a Rope No. 2

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Skip a rope skip a rope
Aw listen to the children while they play
Ain't it kinda funny what the children say

They say we're gonna have another little baby in the fall
I guess mom and daddy weren't a fightin' after all

Skip a rope
(Hey you shouldn't outta say that)
Say what skip a rope that's the name of the song lady
Ok I'll do the one about the income tax now

The man came to see us bout our income tax
Said we're gonna get some money back
Daddy sorta grinnin' somethin's on his mind
He sent the income tax man a Valentine

Skip a rope skip a rope
Oh listen to the children while they play yey yeh yah
Uh I I forgot what I'm suppose to say
(Skip a rope) tell a joke (skip a rope you dope)
Tell a joke about a rope okay
Did you hear the one about the near sighted rope
That feel in love with a snake
(Ah you messed up the punchline)
Where's the punchline I ain't even seen a punchbowl
You know I skip a lot
You see the doctor gave me these pills
He said take one a day for three days runnin' then skip a day
And this is my day to skip
I used to skip a well rope I even skipped a sick rope
Heck I even tried to smoke a rope one time
(Skip the jokes) thanks a lot (skip the jokes)
Aw listen to the children while they play
Ay ay ay it's nice you little group
(Skip a rope) aw skip a smoke smoke a joke
I think I'll skip over to the bar
And enhale a little liquid libation there
Might even have a cocktail while I'm over there

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