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I went to a party
It was near Bruxelles
The mood at this old place it was so well
Well people drinking laughing smoking chatting dancing all around
From the speakers sweet ska music sound

I want to the kitchen
For a sandwich cheese and ham
Derek asked "Tu connais le Slam?"

Tu mets la vodka dans la micro-onde
Vingt-cinq secondes
Brule-la inhale-la
Avale-la brule ta langue
Tu mets la vodka dans la micro-onde
Plus important
C'est n'aie pas peur
Tu sentiras pas la douleur

You take a glas of vodka
And put it in the microwave
When it starts to boil be fast and brave
Burn it with a lighter and when you see the flame
Put your hand on it you won't feel any pain
It builds a vacuum and it makes a funny sound
Don't be afraid it won't fall to the ground
There is just one dangerous spot
When you drink the slam too hot
You'll feel it on your tongue for 3 more days