Slave Forever

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In this world, that is real
For ordinary mortals,
In the world of violence & lie,
Where the law of self-preservation
And survival is holding sway,
I'm no one, I'm just
A link of enormous,
Useless existence,
That is known as life

But there I'm the master of that
Unknown and unimaginable.
It might be my mistake,
I might have yielded to my illusions,
But it's too late to change anything,
I'm leaving this world and now
I'm the master, master of my dream,
And my life.

Something is braking inside of me
Or outside of me,
Something involuntary or unrealized,
Similar to another, superior mind,
Which controls you,
And orders you to stay.

But there is no return.
I've trapped into a prison of illusions,
Prison of reality and fantasy,
Into a prison of my dream.

Oh, My God, it's just a dream,
It was only a dream,
But not simply a dream
- brutal dream in which
You are a master
For some time,
But a slave

Autor(es): Asguard

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