Sleazy Lizzy

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Sleazy Lizzy

you won't get a second chance
there won't be a next time
you messed around with this boy's heart
don't come crawling back no no
pack your bags and leave the key
don't wanna see you
you wrecked every dream we had
it's all down to you, yeah

it was fun for a while
but now you're out the door
you flash that smile
and add a new boy to the score
it could've been you and me
but now i'm here alone

sleazy lizzy
why do you tease me
sleazy lizzy
everyone knows that you're in love
but not with me
so let me be

why did you lead me on
why did you have to be so dumb
you just abuse me
and i don't dare to walk your way
teaser pleaser
you treat them all the same
teaser squeezer
well i'm not falling for the game

it was fun for a while...

sleazy lizzy...

Autor(es): K.E.Øsgård / K.E.Østgård

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