Sleeping In Traffic

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Waking up in panic
A room not hot or cold
Afraid to fall asleep again
My other side will unfold

I am on the edge of sanity
Far out in a hazy, troubled dream

I've scored the morning
A crimson red thought
Someone is struggling
With the battles I've fought

Sleeping in the traffic
Red lights turn to green
Blinding painted white lines
Moving in between

I am on the edge of sanity
Far out in a hazy, troubled dream

Time and time over
It's always the same
Reckon you know me?
Are you playing my game?

Me is my own worst enemy


In a room of frantic fools
Waiting for a juicy blues
I present my guitar song
Picking strings with tones too long
They see me with tired eyes
Hidden coughs, "he's full of lies!"
Cigarette smoke and black tar stains
Darkness feasts on my remains...

Please save me

Out of darkness into light
Still there's no salvation in sight
Seven wishes, what's the first?
Seven wishes, quench your blood-thirst
Killing has no consequence
In a world that makes no sense
Blow the brain that brought this up
Blow the brain that thought this thought

Please save me

Invitation to love

Lady in the doorway
With a face that's so kind
Caressing smells
Twisting my mind
Magical evening, and
She's got the glow
And though she's got it all
She's giving it away

Her eyes begin to glow
In the semi dark room
I move close and close my eyes
And welcome her lips to mine
She takes of her clothes
Let's them slide down her hips
Her body is glowing
And she's giving it away

In the bed i lie awake
There's one road for me to take
I must leave while there's still time
To find out this truth of mine

In the presence of seagulls

Sleep...I'm only sleeping
Notice that my eyes are open
Run...what am I running from?
The demons they can't catch me while I'm travelling
Dark...dark, dark darkness
Fill me up and set me free
Sea...I smell ocean air
Sleeping in the presence of seagulls

Captain Flurry

In the misty morning fog the dock lies clear
Salty smell of coral reeves appears this time of year
From the depths of mother earth he comes again
It's captain flurry and his henchmen

In spite of his old crooked back and generous age
The beard, the pipe, his rusty sword, he's a kleptomanic sage man
He knows the difference to what we call right or wrong

And the hench-men sing in their old song:

Har har, we have sailed far
From Norway to Peru
Whatever captain flurry says

You must believe it's true

He says that well you know, snow covers the igloos
He tells me that it's hot and dry in the Sahara desert
The kings and queens has got it in for us
And I just missed the bus

I'm running away now, away from pirates and seagulls and the dock of the bay

Reaching sweet perfumed city streets, scented by gasoline and neon lights in sweet cooperation
A guy yells: Hey! but I can't stop, 'cause the rhythm has got me by the balls, so to say
I'm sneaking into the backstreets and some sleazy 70's disco club

Funky club in the backstreet with the punk and the glazed eyed lover

The ceiling is a sky of bright, shining disco lights
Bee Gees on the gramophone, they're singing "ha ha ha ha
Staying alive", oh please, make me, take me through the night
But the laughter from her is an ocean of sleep to my restless soul
Tension leaves by her embrace and her breasts are warm, not cold

In reflection of some slim shade goggles
I decide to ease my stoned head
A punk stands in my freeway line
Taking up my precious time
His hair is dyed in the colour blue
Purple, green & yellow too
Hello Dolly on his lips
And Dixieland groove in his hips

He won't crack a smile for me
Won't be calm, he can't be, see
My arm is on the shoulder of
The woman his dream's dependant on
I have touched her deep inside
Have I? says I, I'm just passing by!

Say's he'll send me straight to hell
To teach me my lesson well

His lady's staring at me
She's a glace eyed lover - concrete stone faced
Super sonic ultra bitch
She's tasting cocktails - which is which, hi hi hi?


Sleep...I'm only sleeping
Dream...I'm only dreaming
Drink...I'm only driving

The punk is raising living hell
I decide to grow my shell
Run from here while I still can
'Cause he has a gun in his hand
Shooting bullets where they hit
Or wherever they may fit
My stomach begins to ache a bit
And I collapse while thinking; "shit"



Falling through the fire
No constant speed left
Falling faster and faster
Do I really exist?
Am I on the verge of sanity?
In this hell of false humanity

The sheets are filled with angst
I once thought I'd escaped
But time after time, the pattern is the same
I get trapped in myself
And there's no way out of here
My mind is the maze that only I can face
That only I can face
That only I can face

Me is my own worst enemy