Sleepy Eyes

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Diving in head first
is what you make me wanna do
Counting down the hours and minutes with you
When all is said and done
cause I want more and I need you
Phone was ringing, the phone is ringing
but now it's not (now it's not)

I could never take (you in the place)
to take or ever face (wait wait I need you I need you)
you and I can't replace (Things will work out)2x
and you could never fake (These feelings feelings)
Things will work out (they will they will)
Things will work out (look in my eyes)
Once we can't run we will hide

Another dream last night
where we drove out to a beach
dive right in
and made-out under the stars
why can't you see
that bridges fall for me
and the scars on my back (remind me)
Sleepy eyes, look at me
sleepy eyes, c'mon
look at me
Sleepy Eyes, look at me
You will see
Love inside of me until I die
fill up my sleepy eyes