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Let's Do It
Mister Beat's( What It Is)
Yea Come on Ha

Verse 1
Scare Money Just Don't Make None Snatch Me A Bitch I dne Take 1 First Quarter Lil Mama Suckin Me Bag Of Wedd Afta I Bust A Skeet
Tell Yo Boyfriend I Don't Talk I Rap I Wake Up Get Dress And Go Check The Trap Yea.. We Good.. We Str8 Get Mone Don't Hate My Chevy So Hard My Paint So Bright My Motta Big And My Rims Fit Just Right
I'm Sliden U viben Guess Not Pussy Nigga Get 4rm Round My Car Pussy
Nigga U Don't Buy No Bar Pussy Nigga U An't No Star

Im sliden( Im sliden) U ( U sliden )2x
I'm riden low key(low key, low kwy, low key)2x

Verse 2

An't I summin I can pimp A bitch afta i fuckmy dog i'll hit and im sliden and he sliden im viben so he viben and when he watch out I'll serve the sack and weneva i drive he'll hold the mack me and dat nigga been down since jits and about my dog i don't play dat shit i
lost my dog on a bott cash lick fred i miss u kid keenin i live through u and i rep the lord knows i do i hate 2 make them mothafuckers fell me and all i ever didi was keep it real B and a
bitch don't care and i don't blame em but i don't see em i'm protectin my angles

I'm sliden( I'm sliden) U sliden( U sliden)2x
I'm Riden low key( low key, low key, low key)2x

Verse 3

Imma got damn star so i rented me a charger im riden low key so the crackers don't spot us or stop us and we sliden on these bitch niggas thewrd out chopper in the trunk go ge em underwater coat COD i put the heads on my SRT saspots hold our quarter key ha and a lil bit of weed I'm sliden on a bad bitch low key nuthin extavagent
maybe a lil average justin case i gotta grab a bitch I'ma good guy but I'll switch and I click and they b like o shit that's brisc and that's it yea nigga...

I'm sliden( I'm sliden) U sliden( u sliden)2x
I'm Ridenlow key( low key,low key, low key)2x
Yep nigga im slidn.....