Infectious Grooves

Slo-Motion Slam

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-Muir-Trujillo- (3:58)
Bust out with somethin' that you never see
Trip out on a kick called reality
You react, oh so typically
You're wasting my time
Lost in a moment
But something that got lost remains in me
Pray for atonement
To save me from the things that I can't see
You can't refuse what I'm giving
And I ain't gonna take it no more!
Shut it up, or put it up
Please be forgiving
For I've sinned in no one's eyes except for you
What you got is not for me
And everything I got you refuse to see
Adjust to see what is true
I really don't want it
And I really don't need it
And I really don't matter
And I really don't care
Slo-motion slam
Break - from all about
Trip - without a doubt
Move - and then you get it so you gotta be good
Stop - and then you want it 'cause they say that you should
Wait - and then pass it 'cause you ain't got the sound
Go - and then you catch on the second time 'round
And then you get it
'Cause you always got to do what you see
And everybody's always trippin'
On the things they can't be
And no one's ever got a moment
But they're wasting my time
And someone's always looking
For the things you can't find
Slo-motion slam
And when you see it don't ever look away
And everybody's livin' in a
Slo-motion slam
Move on and when you get it
Don't ever set it free
And now you know you're livin' in a
Slo-motion slam
Don't give, don't ever give up
Don't ever give in, never give it away
And now you want to live in a
Slo-motion slam, slo-motion slam it
Lies, what you're living
But I refuse to live your life no more
I ain't gonna go away
You made the game but not the rules I play
And I'm declaring it war
You can't refuse what we're giving
And we ain't gonna take it no more
Shout - hallelujah
But there ain't no shout that's gonna save my soul
Screams - echo through me
It's always in a fight to gain control
We really don't want it
We really don't need it
And it really don't matter and we really don't care
Living, living in a slo-motion slam
They say we can't do it
And they say we ain't supposed to
They say we better not
But we say we don't care
We don't care!

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