Slow Burn

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(Verse 1)

I'm doing a slow burn
I passed "tired" three years ago
but its no cause for concern
I'm gonna fight this undertow

(Verse 2)

I've never been more alive
"All to lose and nothing to gain"
what a freak does just to survive
with the rhythm of the rain

(Verse 3)

A spiritual wasteland
I'm in one hell of a mess
Way too deep to understand
But its nothing more and nothing less

(Verse 4)

Dancing on my high wire
fool enough to think I've got a chance
love these dangerous desires
just to be cheated by circumstance


"feel" it in my bones
now I maybe lucky
gonna "fuel" the fire
take a deep breath
(and "feel" like a new man)


slow burn - tied to a totem pole
slow burn -keep it real and under control
slow burn -till I turn stone cold
I'm a slow burn - take it back
and don't tell a soul

slow burn - fused to my rib cage,
slow burn - lit it up at an early age slow burn fire - and I'm wild with rage I'm a slow burn casualty on the back page.