Fall of Empyrean

Slowly Dying Inside

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Why cant they
see the dark
inside of me,
deep within me...

They expect me to put
on a smiling face
They want me happy
but I cant lie
As I wipe away the tears
that stream down my face

The beauty they see
in this atrocious world
has forgotten me
in this life
I enjoy the misery
that breeds inside me

Please tell me why...

Happiness is a cruel myth
It eludes me every time
creating a void in my life
Even just the thought of love
is fantasy in this day and age
Nowhere left for me to hide
from this self-inflicted rage

Sleep, my only escape
from this pain
as I live inside a dream,
or so it seems
A perfect world that never
will exist again

This torment deep inside wont end
My life in ruins, I cant pretend
Darkness shrouds my every move
My mind is all thats left to lose
Sinking further everyday
How could I live this way
Defeated in this futile war
I cannot take this any more

The light of the world grows dim
in my eyes as they bleed
Promises of a good life turn
to lies before me

Save me from my myself,
this just isnt right
The want, the fear, the pain...

I cry myself to sleep every night,
I feel i've lost the fight
The hurt never leaves from
my life, I slowy die inside

Is there a cure from this disease
or will I die in misery
The pleasure in my life is gone,
how did I last this long

There was a time I had seen the
beauty of mankind and unbridled love
Now I feel the anguish trapped within
my soul as I give in
The end is here, for me in
this lifetime
Welcoming my demise.

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