Paul Colman

Small Steps

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A drug softened mind greets me on the telephone
Going back in time to places I'd rather leave behind
Pictures in my heart of where I'd be in the other side
I could be with you a lone crusader simply passing through

And I know that when I smile it's a smile from my heart
And although that I'm not far down the road to where you are
I'm taking small steps to glory with my Lord

Upstairs and in my mind restless spirits try to pull me down
Behind your tears you smile and behind your smile I see a restless fire
I'm sick of fooling you my outside world is not who I am
To pierce this outer shell the inner garden it seems so frail

We've been fed the lie for so long
Don't go feeling with your heart
Generations scared to risk love
So they simply play the part
Well I'm not scared to walk around
With my heart out on my sleeve
Bringing peace and words of sorrow
To the hearts that I have bruised