Peter Hammill


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The jokes are everywhere,
the secret deal's complete -
Money talks, some good advice,
the politicians run like clockwork mice,
all fits the masterplan.
A database on the telephone
and cable sunshine floods your home
so, times are good ?
Fat cats get fatter day by day.
Those who sit it out will make their way,
so things can't be that bad.

Ooh, a smile has set upon this land,
ooh, a selfish grin of ignorance;
Ooh, you simply have to play the game...
The joke's on us:
This is more and more ridiculous.

Everything's great,
objectivity taboo,
self-satisfaction pumping up
minor achievements to cover up
all the failures and mistakes.
And if you don't smile along
you're a public enemy, you don't belong -
The black lists are in the mail.
There isn't any room for doubt,
we'll all be equal when we share it out
but outsiders will get nothing.

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