Soft And Gentle Ways

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Don't use your gentle ways to make me do the things I know I shouldn't do
Don't use your soft spoken words to make the lies you're telling so true
Don't ever think the loving tender touch that's part of you
Will make me fall again for the soft and gentle ways of you
Don't use your burning kiss to start a fire in me I know I can't control
Don't use your misty eyes cause I won't fall I've seen those tears before
Don't ever think because I need your love the way I do
You can make me give in to the soft and gentle ways of you
Do while your kinda love still tears me apart
But it takes the world in the warm embrace to fill an empty heart
Don't think your gentle ways can just erase the feelin' I have of loving you
And those soft spoken words are empty sounds there's nothing you can do
But don't ever think that I'd walk away from your love if it went through
But I'd gladly give in to the soft and gentle ways of you
Soft and gentle ways soft and gentle ways

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