A Life Divided


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I don't need to say
Just read the time in my face
Nothing stays the same
Every single way has changed ruthlessly

I've been lead astray
I'm under construction
There's nothing in my veins,
My eyes are abstractions, i cannot be
The one i used to be

Is it me? hiding deep, inside of me
Is it you? passed by youth, make me believe

Carrying a lie
I'm locked up inside this box
Hangin' on a line, pretend everything is quite alright
It's oh so fine

The truth blinds my eyes
For as long as i can hide
I will occupy
In my selfmade exile, just for a while
For a while inside

Is it me…

I'm solid – no need to
I'm solid – no use to
I'm solid – no reason for you to change

Living on the edge
A thousand knives in my back
Innocently crashed
A million times that i've been crucified
And redefined

If i just could fly
To the place in my mind
Where the sea hits the sky
And the tree of all lies acquits me for life
For all times