Elliott Smith

Somebody's Baby

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Haven't let this out in a long time, better stop now before I start cryin'.
Go off to sleep in the sunshine, I don't wanna see the day when it's dyin'.
She's a sight to see. She's good to me. But, I'm already somebody's baby.
She's a pretty thing. She knows everything. But, I'm already somebody's baby.
You don't deserve to be lonely. Those drugs you got won't make you feel better. Pretty soon you'll find: it's alonely little part of your life you're keepin' together.
I'm nice to you. I caould make it through. But, you're already somebody's baby.
I could make you smile if you stayed awhile. But, how long will you stay with me, baby?
La, la, la, la, la...
Because your candle burns too bright I almost forgot it was twilight..
Even if I think you're right, well, I'm tired of being down. I've got no fight.
You are wonderful, and it's beautiful. But, I'm already somebody's baby.
And if I went with you, I'd disappoint you too. Well, I'm already somebody's baby.
Already somebody's baby...

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