You and I

Something to Remember

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I scream aloud into the wind, but my words won't fly.
I hear the water pouring loud now, the sound is painful.
Our hands hang over the edge, dripping wonderfully,
Like hearts on paper, buy my pen has run out,
My heart is bleeding because I tried.
I cried your name but You don't hear me.
I'm tired of standing alone,
My throat is bleeding just like
Just like that person who never saw any of the good I did, and just dwelt on the bad.
I'll give you something to remember, my life, cold ceramic on my back,
The warm water feels like an ocean of happiness up to my clean shaven face,
Our hands hang over the edge dripping wonderfully,
Like our hearts on paper. my record is broken,
You wanted this. I'll give you something to remember.

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