Eddie Kendricks

Someday We'll Have A Better World

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Someday we'll have a better world where people walk hand and hand someday we'll have a better world where people talk man to man

A type of peace will be insight there will be no wars left to fight we won't have to destroy each other we will have more love for one anohter

Someday we'll have a better world where men can lay down there guns and every boy and every girl together can laugh and have fun

There will be no concern to race no need worry about the color of a face there will be no need for discrimination there will peace all across the nation

Is it just a dream that never will come true? the possibilities are left up to me and you we must do all we can to understand a better man and make a better world for me and you

A world of harmony and love the kind of world we've been dreaming of if we all make up our minds a better world we will find

Someday we'll have my friends a better world to live in
(Repeat until song fades out)

Autor(es): Norma Toney

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