The Rembrandts


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We've been together now for such a long time
Through every trial we'd ever care to go
When i look back i almost can't believe it
We're not the same people that we used to know
With all the years behind me spent pretending
I didn't need someone like you around
It makes it even harder to imagine
The life i'd be livin', if i hadn't found
Someone to hold me, the way that you do
Someone who needs me, the way i need you
Someone to show me, a way that is true
Someone to love me.......the way that i love you
When there was no one left for me to turn to
When all the world i knew was fallin' down
Oh there were times i could not face the mornin'
But everything's changed since the day that i found
Come on-come on-come on-come on now!!

Autor(es): Danny Wilde / Phil Solem

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