Someone Spent His Life With Her

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By the cathedral many boys' dreams faded quickly
Claudia dressed in white; a car would wait to take her away
And I feel pretty sure he won't let her go; now a girl has left that I'll never know

And that fire still burns brightly in my mind
Born in Tunisia, April 15th, as the war came
I would have gladly fought all legions just to meet her in her prime
And I still envy Henry for just this thing; that he starred a movie that she was in

Cause that fire still burns brightly in my mind
And so many faces have passed her way, there were fights, there were smiles
Among these who aren't alive today
There were people who made friends with her and stayed with her a while
But someone spent his life with her and took her down the aisle
Concepts like time and generations separate us
But in my mind they're just vague terms that I can break down at will
And I do realize that they're dreams you see

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