Some Other Night

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The evening has come to an end
Although we were very close friends
Somehow it ends
I met you a long time ago
I don't think that you'll ever know
I miss you so
I hope you come see me tonight
The last time you looked out of sight
Looked out of sight
Instead of you watching TV
You might spend an evening with me
Maybe you'll see
There's more between you and I
Than empty words and space
I'd love to see your face
When I talk to you on the phone
You stop me from feeling alone
Feeling alone
You said that you will but you won't
You promised to do but you don't
Do but you don't
You promised me once before
You never got past my door
You let me down once before
The evening has come to an end
I don't think that I call again
Somehow it ends
You said you come and see me tonight
You didn't so I have to try
Some other night