Some Other Place, Some Other Time

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Some other place, some other time (A.Maratrat/G.L'Her)
What am I doing here?
Just find myself into a place I've never been
Nobody seems to care
Each one of them is standing like a manikin
They watch
I'm in a fancy world
My spirit's like a feather going with the wind
I dream
Altered visions vanishing in the haze
Fairy creatures are crawling in the rain
I'm walking down the street
But my feet do not even touch the velvet ground
So strange
And everyone I meet
Speaks to me but I do not hear a single sound
Dream on
Space warriors are fighting in the shade
Something special attracts me once again

Some other place, some other time
That's where I'm waiting for you
Some other place, some other time
It's a world deep inside of you
Your illusions are riding with the clouds
Be your sleep unbroken until the end of time

I'm never coming back
Just keep on drifting carried away with the tide
I dream
I don't recall my name
But does it matter? Now I've got a place to hide
Lonesome dreamer let me see your face
I will tell you the nature of my games