Heather Alexander

Something Dark

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How dare you come to my home
And steal so savagely
What we would gladly give for free
If you were to ask?

By suns, the audacity
To seize me for your own
And drag me off to hills unknown
As part of your prize

Yet when I meet your stare
I feel something there
Oh, no, I will not go with you
But pray tell me why
I must gaze in your eye
Tell me what do I hope to see?
Something dark calls to me

Then when you come out and ask
Of me an urgent plea
I find I cannot turn from he,
Of yours who would die

But as I then touch his soul
I find a thing so strange
As to have caused your kin to change
Throughout years of time

It's kind I've never seen
Spawned from shadows green
Oh, no, I will not go with you
But pray, tell me why,
I find trust in your eye
What is this thing I see?
Something dark calls to me

Now that you have won the trial
And you have hurt my friend,
My quiet life of sorrow end
Will not be the same

Why do I still feel this way?
What is this hidden voice
That tells me that against my choice
I must join with you?
Yet now I know the name
To make the wild wolf tame

Oh, no, I dare not go with you
Through I recognize
That there's love in your eyes
Tell me how has this come to be?
I hear you calling me

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