Something In The Past

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Something In The Past
The whole world vanished in the darkness.
It is fear? No… Horror has disappeared
in the darkness of night. It's panic!
It's insanity. They have fused
together in order not to let You come
to Your senses.

There is no future,
the darkness has shrouded all around.
There is no death, there is no life either,
eternity is the only thing that exists,
but it's monotonous.
The darkness has shrouded life itself.

Night has come, and life has gone away.
There is night and darkness,
the moon is just a reflection of a light night.
But how can I still believe in the charm of night?
Well, but I want to come back to the world,
where there is less lie and were reason rules.

There were only a few thoughts,
risen from his memories,
which origin he couldn't explain.
He didn't remember anything
except asking himself the same questions.
“Who am I? Where am I from?
Where am I?” He couldn't answer them.
He also wanted to know why he was in panic fear
before going to sleep.

Anyway, everything was in the past,
and the past as much
as the future is just time,
the present is eternity.

But still there was
something in the past.

There was something…!

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