Vanessa Amorosi

Sometimes Happiness

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Verse 1:
If you´re feeling lost,
Feeling put down
Trapped in a mess,
Or just fooled around
If your wish was a hope,
And your hope was desire
When disaster appears through every corner
Hold your feet to the ground
And close your eyes
If it´s meant to happen to you,
That´s the way of life

Sometimes you win,
Sometimes you lose
Sometimes you stay,
And the other times you move
Sometimes it rains, but the sun
Comes out tomorrow
Sometimes happiness
Sometimes sorrow

Verse 2:
Taking chances it seems so unlikely
To work in a way that you need it to
Loving or leaving old memories
Facing the hurt that is trapped in remembering
Grab somebody´s hand and
Lift your head high
´cos if you´re meant to be hurt,
That´s the way of life

Repeat chorus

How our hearts will find this light
Take the chains off our hands
And free our minds for ever more
Following the steps
The steps that are prepeared
For freeing our souls

Repeat chorus

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