Kitchen Knife Conspiracy

Song For A Girl

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such beauty and soft skin great smiles all the while
I sink into her soul a year ago a ghost now just means the most
I'll let these feelings coast I remember her kiss those lips and the soft attachment they made to mine the spark I never saw till now when my life is most dark she knows I see it when she glows from the connection made between our eyes oh it's magic beautiful fucking magic fucking beautiful and lasts so long that I think I'd rather drown than get hurt again but I love her yeah I love this one no I don't really mean it cause I really don't know what I mean I just can't escape those legs I beg to indulge between them you gotta love her she's cute you don't know what I see in her so much I love the way your naked body dances softly ontop of mine let the body go numb as we become one fuck me and make this soul come bring me a hurricane oforgasm but do not drown me in the floods of emotion bring me a hurricane of orgasm but do not drown me in the floods of you

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