Song of Servants (Sleeping Eyes Awake)

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It's the same old problem
Living with these voices in my head
and it's a shame, I'll stall them
Compiling every tragic thing they've said.
Searching for a meaning to their madness
And loosing all my senses and control
Leaving me to battle with the sadness.
And hoping that there's nothing more to know
Oh I know it.

So let your light shine down on me
Maybe if the sun would shine I could finally see.

Kill the pain, like a martyr.
Hanging from the old oak hanging tree.
Burn your faith, holy father.
your fire still burns deep inside of me
There's a time for peace and time for revolution
so don't go thinking that this can't be worse.
and if you are unclear of his intentions
your cups will overflow with blinding curse.

Oh I can't be first

Cause' there is so much in front of me
Maybe if the sun will rise I could finally see

Angels fall to earth
Despising all what could have been
A never-ending birth, of life is starting new again
Angels fall to plea, begging God to stop it please
Never seeing peace.

Seeking fame, Retribution
Sorting through the last inside the line
In the same institution
That's telling me eventually I'm fine.

Searching for the answers of tomorrow
While sorting through the questions of today
breaking through the shackles that I borrow.
And knowing that there is only hell to pay
Oh what can I say

Cause' there is no place I'd rather be
I feel an ultra violet ray of death
Shinning down on me.

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