Sorrow Boy

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Sorrowed boy
With so much mind
You look so tired
With glassy eyes
Your quiet pain
I feel the hum
Beneath the surface
A steady drum
You're like a child
When you've been wronged
You heart is aching
But you're still strong
Come back alive
When stars collide
You can feel the universe
Behind your eyes
And you find your body
In between the waves
A sonic haven
For the lonely days
Your mood so mellow
How your colors bloom
You steal the evening
From an empty room
And I might not of seen you
If I looked too hard
But I just gave up
And here you are
You'll sweet the sound
And break the melody
That was already broken
Now it's fixed for me
Not everyone's the way you are
You are a blood star

Autor(es): Akron/Family

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