Frostmoon Eclipse

Son of Scorn

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When the man thinks to be stronger
And the dream of power run into his vein
The chaos rise from the blood of "Ira"
My silent bright enthrone his freeble heart

I saw the devil smiling
I saw the immolations
I saw the light in the face of death I blame
I saw the universe...

I am the son of scorn

I saw the hunter, hunted by his prey
I saw the wind, to blow-out from the earth
I saw the light, eaten by the night
I saw the death pregnant of life

I saw the sperm red as blood I never see
I saw the mother eat her son
I saw the dead, arise from his tomb
With the flames of hell deep in the flesh of sigh ...sigh

When my eyes are black as the night
And my heart is cold as ice
And the dream of power run into my vein
And become reality...

I am the son of scorn

I feel the evil inside my flesh
I feel the hate, run deep into my vein
I feel the flames of hell on my skin
I am the power, I am supreme race

I am the one who give the reason
I'm the face of abomination...

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