Sons Of Darkness

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We walked the heavens, we went through the deepest hell
And from the ashes we will rise.
And in the darkness, where the light is never seen,
Your pounding blood will be my sacrifice.

We have united with lack of talent here
To bring our evil upon you,
The rite's completed, don't dare to speak our name,
Or can't you just pronounce Arsghasdphyxdmus?

Gathering the sons of darkness,
Unholy evil is our game,
Raping Christ and burning churches,
And all the lyrics are the same.

You signed the deal now, what you are dreaming of:
Your face on every zine's page.
You think you're famous, you're spitting arrogance,
We simply cannot stand this fucking rage.

Gathering the sons of darkness,
Unholy evil is our game,
Burning Christ and raping churches,
Yet, every riff is still the same.

Ready to start our evil warfare,
But we're taken from the stage,
Logically, there's just one reason:
6 6 6 is not yet our age.

Now all is over, the stage is laid to waste
And all the slaughering is done.
We go to bed now with our lullaby
And dream to be an evil one, too.

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