Sore Zore No Omoi

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Im just feeling you
Watcha gonna do tonigh
Im jus calling you

Im just feeling you
Watcha gonna do toning
Im just calling you
(Its jus about us)
(Lets go)

Youre always like that purposely trippin
Its your only way to get attention
Lover rival will get you in suspension
Again and again ang again
And it was a training, frowling, flirty, resisting my fury
But lies are not know it - know it
Mou chotto look at that sh*t (look at that sh*t abit more)
Tama ni wa heard about this (sometimes heard about this)

If your plans are not gonna change
Oshii never my kind of ladies (too bad, never kind of my ladies)
Kocchi wa kochhi wa de (im gonna do it my way, on my way)
Whatever joking, fighting, cumming, f*cking
Tatoe you make a mistake (even if you make a mistake)
I dont care imasore de (i dont care about it now with what)
Yoso de kitte koto (things youve heard from others)
Darling me better then, you know i was bad

Im just feeling you
(Im gonna do what i want)
Watcha gonna do tonight
(better not get in my way)
Im just calling
(what i like itsumo) what i like always
What i wanna do is to have fun...