MC Eiht

So Ruff

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Hoo-bang, nigga
Some of that futuristic shit
For that ass
Keepin it thuggish, though
Check it out

The concrete streets bring heat, it's so rough
Niggas test everyday, calling your bluff
Eiht had enough, I'm smoking my fluff
Spitting game, letting you know my turf is tough
My theme is I push music to driveby
I slide through, scoop up four and ride high
Strap under the seat my hood technique
As I destroy your block like _dante's peak_
Feel me, partly a killer, clocker for fun
On my turf puttin in work since day one
Y'all ain't heard enough about a nigga singin the blues
Niggas bendin in two's while y'all watch the news
John walsh, wash me up, you're crazy
Havin my face captured 180
Can't go there, ain't havin that, man, fuck
The strap turned me corrupt, so prepare to duck

Autor(es): A. Tyler