Bill Staines

So Sang the River

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I am the Missouri and I travel on down
Across the Dakotas by he midwestern towns.
Oh, I water your farms with my silvery hand,
And forever I'll travel in the heard of the land.

I am tho Ohio and my water is wide.
By the banks of Kentucky,, I travel with pride.
From the old Allegheny forever I'll run,
And I'll carry your people in the light of the sun

So sang the river as it's waters glided low,
So sang the river, I've a long long way to go.

I am the border, the old Rio Grande.
My waters they cut through the southwestern land.
From the deserts and badlands through the canyons so deep,
I'll stretch my green ribbon and I never will sleep.


I am the American and I carry the gold.
In the hills of California my story was told,
Of how men with the fever fell on me like rain,
And dug for my treasure 'til nothing remained.


I am the Hudson, the Merrimac, too,
The Snake and the Pecos, the Green and the Blue,
And my waters they run just as sure as a song,
And forever I'll sing if you let me live on.


Autor(es): STAINES

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