Soul Glue

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2 minds made him go.
One said, "swim",
said the other, "no."
There's no unity when one side grows.
What's on the other side of the water?
Only Benjamin Heyward knows.

They didn't say nothing 'bout calling the police.
and they didn't say nothing 'bout calling up the cops,
and they didn't say much about anything at all.

Well, they dragged the bottom of the lake
and then they swore not to repeat that mistake.
One side they buried in the ground.
The other side they stapled up in public
for everyone to execrate.

They didn't say nothing...

"Sorry, Sergeant Soul Glue,
I appreciate your help.
But I admit I'm guilty,
I am dead."

And they didn't say nothing 'bout calling the police.
'til the papers got a hold of it and martyred the deceased.
His rotten soul lives on in you and me.

Autor(es): Tim Vesley

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