Life In Your Way


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Being desperate
It's so revealing of what things really mean
It can give you a chance to recall the wonderful
When you could say to those with fearful hearts, "be strong"
Life seems to interrogate itself, it shouldn't surprise you
Things change, it shouldn't surprise you
And when making the most of things sounds like an over statement,
You might never know the necessities,
And I could never know what makes the world to you
There is someone who knows what means the world to you
This could be the oppurtunity.
The stakes are high, and the past doesn't change
The future is left for you to build
So often it can be too fast too late
And poetic justice leaves no room for the helpless
Will the words ring true?
We were never meant to be alone
And we were never meant to feel so helpless
You are walking past an open door

Autor(es): Life in Your Way

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