Adam Carroll

South Of Town

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Capo 2

I went to the barroom last night, I promised not to drink
before I went out the door that night I should have promised not to think
About the flipside of my actions when I came home alone
but I'm leavin' too so if you come back you can expect to find me gone

And if you wonder where I am tell you where I'll be
Don't use a map or a directory cuz' I don't like making plans or problems
I just like knockin' around cuz' doing nothing feels like something
when your somewhere south of town
Trees bring shade to a porch swing morning, the air smells somwhat clean
My only luxuries are my memories and they make room for my dreams
And pastures I've seen lots or pastures and dirt roads I've seen one
It may not take me to a destination but my destiny is just begun
Repeat Chorus
(I just like making my rounds)

Key change to
Maybe tomorrow you can find another man
tomorrow won't take care of today, tomorrow is the second hand
And postcards say I'm sorry for lack of a better of a word
but goodbye says I'll love you, goodbye never hurt

You can go to Puerto Rico spend your weekdays in the sun
and you can kill time looking at historical markers along the Highway 21
But if you drive as far Crockett, TX or if you get on a plane
You can think of me in terms of your memories but you'll never hear me complain
Instrumental Outro

Autor(es): Adam Carroll