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Yo doe time fix what's good
Make out in the colliseum
Ha ha
Rochdale, baisley, 40

I'm from where all the warriors come from
Nigga it's sparta 300 with handguns
I hit the collisuem up
And park the bentley on the roof
Feelin like papi mason jumpin out the coupe
Niggaz talkin crazy, that i'l be the death of you
Mortician make up your family missing you
I'm a gangsta how i ain't tucked
Ya pussy niggaz lettin crackheads beat y'all up
Y'all got the gall, i ball, chris paul
And the psychic can't read my life through a crystal ball
2 bricks on consame fedarallis can't find me
My southside state of mind is oh so grimey
Guns fresh out the box keep making me hard
Niggaz swing on me you be spawned with god
Mazirati pull off like a rollercoaster
I got the cars stacked up on the motor coaches
World full of vultures, phone full of soldiers
Deez dusty niggaz dojas, i make they life over
Yea, and i ain't really worried bout when the narcs hit
House in the woods got the bear proof garbage
My jewish lawyer tear up the charges
Money got me in mawi on them models knockers
Ducatti monster, outrun the fucking law
Cause i'm an outlaw with a fucking 44

Southside where i'm from
Southside where i'm from
Southside where i'm at
Southside where i be
Big gun on me
They say never foregt where you come from nigga
Southside jamaica ya heard
Rest in peace to dre mose
Rest in peace to stack bundles
Jam master jay

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